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I am excited to be back. Everything old seems new again. SOS began with charcuterie and desserts and here I am revisiting my roots. The first offering will be unique charcuterie designed for the holiday season. 

As with everything in life, change is inevitable. Because I am working independently, without staff, the process for ordering and pick-up is going to be synchronized.



Only one day of the week has been chosen for charcuterie sales and pickup. To facilitate weekend noshing I chose Fridays, beginning December 9th. Thus, I require all orders to be placed Sunday – Tuesday before your Friday pick-up.


Only One Way to Order

To ensure your order is not overlooked, I am limiting communication to the SOS telephone number exclusively (705-924-3333). When leaving your message, please keep it brief. Please understand that currently I can only fulfill so many orders per week.

A Sweet Give Away

What would a reintroduction be without cake, I ask you?
I’ve been immersed in creating them for so many joyful and bittersweet celebrations in the last few years, that it seems apropos to coordinate a giveaway with my restart.

I was fortunate to have two magnificent elephant platters created that would be fantastic for either dessert or charcuterie presentation, at a gathering. Once I add a cake, the prize is complete. On Saturday, January 7th, 2023 each draw winner will be photographed and take away the boxed gift, valued at $150. After all, as Julia Child once said "a party without cake is just a meeting" 

For each Grande or Grosso charcuterie order, your name will be entered in the draw, to be made on New Year’s Day. The two winners will be notified immediately. They will select their flavour pairing from 2 options – vanilla custard with caramelized pear or chocolate pistachio cream. This facilitates a freshly made artistry for day of pickup.



Cheeses and fresh fruit


$46 (+ applicable taxes)


Meats, cheeses, fresh fruit


$62 (+ applicable taxes)


Meats, cheeses, fresh fruit


$125 (+ applicable taxes)



Cheeses and fresh fruit


$110  (+ applicable taxes)


Meats, cheeses, fresh fruit


$160 (+ applicable taxes)

Due to seasonal and supply challenges, food inclusions may vary slightly but always be of equal value.

Charcuterie Details

All charcuterie comes with freshly baked ciabatta bread, or as a requested substitution, gluten free crackers. There are 3 sizes of wreaths stylized in recyclable craft boxes.


Specifically tailored to each size of container, you will receive a wonderful composition of fresh fruit, meat and cheeses. 

Piccolo and Grande are available with fresh fruit and cheeses.


Additionally our homemade balsamic dipping syrup can be purchased for $5 per ramekin.


Currently two forms of payment are accepted.

Cash and eTransfer: ( )



Pickup times will be Friday between 4 and 7 pm.

During my return call a mutually agreed upon time will be determined.



45 Percy St. (little blue farmhouse on the corner)

Note the designated Patron Parking sign in front of the house.

Additional spots available in laneway to barn.

To facilitate parking, please arrive at your designated time and utilize my side porch entrance.

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