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Image: Bob Leahy

We create cakes that are beautiful, yummy and even unconventional.

The only limitation we face

is the breadth of your imagination.

Gluten-free cakes by request.

Be it for an informal greeting

or a major life event being commemorated, artistry in cake is a wonderful way of creating a lasting impression.


Let’s design magic together! 

Some kind words...

Wow.. actually got to order a wedding cake from Justine Vikse. I have been looking at Justine’s cakes and her decoration of them, for a couple of years now.

Justine is amazing to work with, listens to your ideas, searching out what you would definitely like on your special cake. The decorations, the beautiful flowers, the icing, the flavours of the cake. Just enchanting as can be.


I had also asked for 3 little personable cakes for my grandchildren and for other children at the wedding. Had also asked for a small gluten-free cake for a particular adult at the wedding. Justine worked her magic and we had three sets of children so very happy and enchanted with their cakes.


We could see that quite a bit of time and thought and talent went into those smaller cakes, not just to the absolutely delightful wedding cake.


Thank you Justine.


Anyone wanting a beautiful and unique cake baked and decorated just for them, touch base with Justine. You won’t be sorry!


Cheryl Turner

We cannot thank Justine enough, for all the attention, research, and skill she put in to creating the most beautiful and delectable wedding cake for our special day. 

Justine truly cares and takes pride in her work, which makes it all turn out amazing and delicious. 

We were having an intimate ceremony in Warkworth, and a more formal one in Spain, Justine managed to combine both events in our cake, to include gorgeous flowers from Spain.

The flavour we chose was pistachio rum and it was the most delicious one we had ever tasted. The cake was moist and not too sweet, just perfect. I had mentioned to Justine that I love Angels, and to my delight, they were on the cake too. 

Only one drawback that we found, is that it broke our hearts to cut the cake, as it was a work of art.

Thank you, Justine, for being such an amazing baker, and now someone we think of as a friend. 

We would highly recommend Justine, for any event or celebration, she does not disappoint.

Debbie and Mike Delany

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